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Steve Levinsky

Focus: Artistry & Creative Thinking | New Idea Development | Team Coaching | Humor Resource Development


Steve’s practice at Wellesley Partners is a small subset of his practice in the larger world. Having “survived” 16 years at Fidelity Investments, Steve has moved on to focus on what he likes, what he is good at and what others value. His perspective is highly valued by his teammates and is a driving and organizing force for the firm.

When his Partners do let him spend time with clients, Steve focuses on three things: what the individual or organization wants, what are the options that provide the best opportunity to make those wants happen, and how can this be done in a commercial world with many people winning.


Steve is an expert at growing businesses from start-up to valuable asset, helping executive teams focus on the critical aspects of a start up business, in particular, leadership and team development. At Fidelity, Steve ran and built Community Newspapers, forged new territory in the 90’s as an early leader in Fidelity’s Internet business, and most recently played a key role in growing the global institutional asset management company. Steve’s passion is helping individuals, teams, and businesses succeed by meshing the right folks into a well functioning team, driving toward large goals.

Recently retired from Fidelity after 16 years, most recently as SVP in HR, Steve has launched his second career in team coaching, lecturing and glass sculpture. Before Fidelity, he worked in banking, national retail, state government, and executive search. Along with his day-to-day work, Steve regularly lectures with the Stockholm School of Economics and guest lectures at Boston University, Suffolk University and with the Conference Board.


Steve was awarded his Ph.D. in life from his family, his M.A. in dealing with smart people from the U. of Ned Johnson and his B.A. from Allegheny College.

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