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Peter Tetrault

Focus: Executive Coaching | Change Management | Team Performance | Creating Customer Satisfaction


Peter works with organizations to break down the barriers that can arise between functional silos as a result of the optimization of individual units and processes without regard to the whole enterprise. By modeling and teaching skilled listening techniques, process development and documentation, as well as the patience and focus necessary to understand the requisite larger picture, Peter helps his clients create collaborative win – win results for both internal and external customers. While large matrixed organizations and small entrepreneurial organizations have different characteristics and challenges, the ability to create meaningful goals, and then arrange the organization optimally to achieve them, are two consistent requirements for success.


Peter Tetrault

Peter is an experienced consultant and executive coach with over 10 years of experience in organizational transformations and leadership development. With over 20 years of hands-on management experience in a number of industries, Peter combines his technical skills in system thinking and process development with his experience managing, mentoring and coaching others to achieve organizational success. A keen listener, Peter rapidly identifies clients’ issues and barriers in order to create an actionable plan that will achieve desired goals. His operational background includes experience in scheduling, cost, asset management, risk, and customer relations. Prior to joining Wellesley Partners in 1998, Peter worked in the consumer products and the financial services industries in a variety of operational and finance roles.


Peter received his certification in business coaching through Duke University in June 2005. Peter earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Tufts University.

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