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Executive & Individual Coaching

Our coaching uses the core principles of business planning to help create a strategic plan for the individual.

Similar to an organization creating a vision and strategy, an individual strategic plan is created using future state goals, desires and current state analysis to build a plan to reach the future state. Sound simple? It is, but while the outcome can be significant the process is best accomplished with a coach. Our process will allow you to understand your goals, as well as fears, and create a real, sustainable plan that will have an enormous impact on your career.

Who is it for?​​

  • Individuals looking to define long term vision for their career, and a plan to achieve it
  • Organizations looking to enhance their ability to meet and exceed organizational goals through individual engagement, empowerment and motivation
  • Teams who are experiencing low productivity or dysfunction
  • Leaders looking to initiate culture change without a critical mass of change agents 

Benefits for the Organization:

  • Individual Motivation: Individuals are personally motivated to take control of growth based on a defined strategic plan that is aligned with organizational vision
  • Individual Engagement with Organizational Goals: Individuals are intrinsically motivated to innovate and build success for the organization
  • Team Performance Improvement: Teams become highly aligned and more open and communicative. Conflicts are reduced and teams create synergy
  • Improvement in Recruiting & Retention: “Success Profiles” can be built from information on high performers who are aligned with organizational goals to improve recruiting and retention
  • Culture Change: Team and individual coaching allow employees and leaders to better understand change and utilize their unique perspective and effect on the change occurring around them
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Benefits for the Individual:

  • Clear Direction: Individuals decide on and define a clear path to attaining passion for their work and success resulting from it
  • Engagement & Enjoyment of Work: Work feels less like ‘work’ when you are growing and building relationships toward heartfelt goals
  • Self Worth & Team Development: Individuals truly understand how their involvement contributes to the success of their team 


An organization’s success is directly correlated to the motivation and engagement of the individuals running it. Managers and staff are the key components to creating future organizational success. The ongoing survival of organizations requires change over time. There are four major tenets of the Wellesley Partners Coaching process:

  • Your results are dependent on your effort
  • It’s an ongoing process of improvement, not a magic pill for immediate change
  • We are your guide, not your manager
  • You control your outcomes

What is it?

At Wellesley Partners, we use a Strategic Planning model for an individual. Imagine managing an off-site with a senior leadership team to redefine goals and direction for an organization. The Strategic Individual Planning that we facilitate you through starts with the inception of Me, Inc., your organization over which you have complete control. You decide on your plan and are in control of its implementation. Read about our model.

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