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Addressing Disruptive Behavior

One of the most challenging aspects of becoming a physician leader is the management of the people who, for many different reasons, don’t seem to positively contribute to the team.

Almost every Chair or Chief we speak with periodically struggles with what are very serious behavioral issues that impact patient care, productivity and staff satisfaction. Wellesley Partners has developed a framework within which to assist

Strategic Program module

leaders on this topic. We recognize that managing this behavior requires:

  • Practical knowledge of how to hold individuals accountable
  • Expertise in the art of leading and influencing
  • Self knowledge of how one naturally reacts to conflict and difficult conversations

Specific programs we have to help you with Disruptive Behavior in your department or institution:

  • Cultural Assessment to identify gaps in system-wide processes for managing these behaviors
  • One Day Facilitated Workshop for Physician Leaders
  • On-line tutorial in conflict management for all MD’s
  • Relationship 360 for pairs of individuals who must, for the good of the organization, get along but seeminlgy can’t

The Relationship 360: Improving Results Through Individual Growth & Strengthened Relationships

Find out what is holding your team back from reaching its potential. Then fix it. The Relationship 360 is a peer assessment and coaching program that focuses on the relationships between team members – how individuals on a team interact to achieve a common objective. The real solutions created by the individuals on the team build momentum to both personal growth and improved team performance.

Who is it for?

Relationship 360
  • For existing teams that are experiencing low productivity – or outright dysfunction – due to increased performance demands
  • For leaders who believe their team is being held back by a few individuals having trouble “fitting in”
  • For new teams that are comprised of multiple “sub teams” due to a merger or acquisition
  • For sponsors of major organizational initiatives that are relying on the coming together of a “virtual” team to achieve a key goal
  • For “occasional” teams that come together infrequently but must reach key agreements that can be supported by all

After completing the Relationship 360 Program, you will have:

  • Gained valuable insights from co-workers and managers on perceived strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assessed personal strengths, skills and preferences to make informed and actionable decisions.
  • Worked with colleagues on improving relationships in your organization.
  • Found motivation and momentum toward the next step in your career.

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