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Capability Development

Organizational capability improvement is designed to strengthen leadership and create effective, productive teams with a clear, shared vision.

We work with our clients to create the leadership, governance and change management plans required to achieve the most complex and transformational change. Our suite of Organizational Development services are built from successful, time tested practices that we tailor for each client and individual.

OD-Services 600 by 360


Change Management
Whether it’s a new learning system, operational plan or a change in leadership practice, we specialize in creating change that leaves organizations working effectively, efficiently and in control.

Strategic Planning Facilitation
A Wellesley Partners specialty, our integration of strategic planning with team and individual alignment, provide multi-dimensional viewpoints and long-term success created in a short period of time.

Retreat & Workshop Facilitation
Team development, strategic planning or team culture change, Wellesley Partner’s services in retreat planning and facilitation have proven successful helping to create large scale change to improve organizational culture.


Individual Coaching
Work with our coaches to bring about the self-improvements you desire to place yourself on an optimal career path in your current or future role.

Leadership Effectiveness Training
Experience the training that will have lasting impact on your, and your staff’s, performance.

Individual Development Planning
Collaborate with your direct reports in a process that is both straightforward and effective in creating a joint program of growth.


Senior Team Alignment
Create alignment on how to deal with complex, dynamic change using a proven mix of business and organizational consulting.

Retreat/Workshop Facilitation
Develop team cohesion and a business plan quickly and effectively and leave your retreat feeling passionate about the success you will achieve as you move forward with your colleagues.

Conflict Resolution
Watch a collaborative relationship arise from raging conflict as we disentangle intertwined feelings, business issues, assumptions and grievances.

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