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Marshall (Mark) Smith, MD, PhD

Focus: Future of Education in Healthcare | Innovative and Disruptive Learning Technology | Quality Improvement and Standardization of Care | Simulation Learning


Mark focuses on working with healthcare organizations in the standardization of patient care. As systems aggregate, while becoming more geographically dispersed in the delivery of care, it becomes increasingly more difficult to standardize care in order to reduce errors and improve quality. The change in focus of care delivery from an acute to an ambulatory setting requires the elimination of outdated methods of training and the adoption and integration of more effective and innovative technologies for adult learning.


Mark is a visionary and innovator who has participated in several disruptive trends in healthcare. As a gynecological surgeon he was one of the first to perform operative laparoscopy, at a time when abdominal surgeries were routinely performed through large incisions. Mark later helped to train several thousand surgeons, both domestically and internationally, through an education company he founded and served as Medical Director.

At Banner Health he started a simulation training program before most healthcare systems were aware of simulation training and built it into one of the largest healthcare simulation programs in the country. Under his leadership nursing training at Banner was fully standardized across 23 hospitals, seven states and 35,000 employees, with every nurse in the system receiving exactly the same training in onboarding, remediation and annual maintenance of skills levels.

Mark now believes another disruption is imminent in healthcare education and learning, with the transition of outdated training methodologies to newer technologies such as virtual and augmented reality learning. Simulation will continue to be one of the preferred methods of learning, but it will transition to more efficient and cost-effective platforms such as virtual and mixed reality.


Mark received his MD and PhD from the University of Texas Medical Branch. He completed a residency in ObGyn in Phoenix and is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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