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ConverSage – Our Sister Company for Virtual Learning

ConverSage focuses on the development of Virtual Immersive Learning (VIL) for the healthcare industry. Organizations can implement our existing solutions, or leverage our capabilities to produce and publish their own custom content.


Courseware produced by ConverSage can be accessed and used via online, cloud-based platforms. Sample products include:

Best Practice Opioid Prescribing

ConverSage partnered with the the UMass Medical School to create an immersive adaptation of their Award Winning* classroom course using realistic, interactive cases which a prescriber must manage. The learning objectives of this course are the safe prescribing of opioids and the prevention of prescription drug misuse. The cases include both acute (emergency room) and chronic scenarios and the competencies learned include the areas of screening, evaluation, and treatment planning.

Managing Conflict Under Stress

A complex dramatized real-world case used to immerse the learner in a world where they can learn and practice the use of one of our founder’s key coaching models about personal perspective, effective listening and questioning to understand a colleague’s viewpoint to develop a more effective work-place relationship.

Critical Illness Conversations

A CME accredited program to help healthcare providers develop and practice the skills necessary to have conversations with patients and their families about a serious illness. This skill requires training and practice, just as any other complex medical technique or procedure. This immersive training has been developed by experts to assist professionals successfully prepare and navigate their way through having a serious illness conversation.

A Diabetes Primer for Newly Diagnosed Patients

A simple, straightforward interactive presentation of the foundational facts needed by a newly diagnosed diabetes patient. Five short, non-linear modules present the information that is often not digested, not heard or not given at the time the patient receives this life-changing diagnosis.

Some organizations have elected to provide this training to those who participate in the process of discharging the patient to insure that all staff provide consistent, comprehensive information.

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