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VIL Defined

An on-demand computer generated world designed to provide interactive scenarios that target learning in an environment where learners get to manipulate and interact with complex real-world situations with no fear of mistakes or adverse consequences.

Our Virtual Immersive Learning (VIL) products:

Virtual Immersive Learning
  • Can be applied to a host of topics: decision-making, interpersonal behavior, quality, safety and adoption of new processes
  • Are designed to maximize learning results at the most appropriate Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) level to control costs
  • Provide learning, guided practice, unguided practice and testing in one module
  • Provide real-time feedback and remediation based on the individual learner’s performance
  • Are built using objects to facilitate updates to curriculum and last minute requirements changes
  • Are built to industry standards (SCORM compliant)

Let us help you address:

  • Your limited training resources
  • The push-back you get from time constrained professionals
  • Concurrent training for critical deadlines
  • Alternative shifts and satellite locations
  • How to measure levels of participation and individual performance
  • Deal with high levels of subject matter complexity

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