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​Wellesley Partners teams up with the Cleveland Clinic!

Our efforts to help bring the Clinic’s outstanding service excellence program, Communicate with H.E.A.R.T.®, to more organizations is aimed directly at one of healthcare organizations’ biggest challenges: how to move the needle on patient satisfaction. The H.E.A.R.T.® program was designed at the Cleveland Clinic to improve internal communication and empathy towards patients. The results of their internal efforts were so strong the Clinic began offering the program externally. Wellesley Partners is honored to be chosen by the Cleveland Clinic to help market and deliver this time-tested program.

“After implementing H.EA.R.T.®, our system felt a sense of ‘same-ness’. It truly galvanized our facilities.” (C.F.O. of partner hospital)

Communicate with H.E.A.R.T.

To date, over 35 organizations have adopted H.E.A.R.T.® and have found similarly impressive results. Case studies of adopting organizations have found:
• 40% increase in HCAHPS scores
• 30% increase in employee engagement
• 20% decrease in patient complaints

“We looked at other programs, but the proven sustainability was key for us.”

Communicate with H.E.A.R.T.® is a Train-the-Trainer program, empowering each individual within a facility to provide exceptional care. Twenty to twenty-five employees are hand-picked to be trained as facilitators in a 2-day session. Once trained, those facilitators begin rolling out the program to employees within the organization, until all employees are trained. All areas and departments go through the training, creating a powerful ripple effect through the organization. Common language, phrases, and concepts become repeated and valued throughout entire facilities. Wellesley Partners’ team of experienced consultants will work with you to design and implement delivery of the program.

Case studies, as well as internal data within the Cleveland Clinic, have shown that the H.E.A.R.T.® program has lasting success. The improved HCAHPS scores have been shown to improve drastically, but then stay at those high levels. H.E.A.R.T.® is not a “flash in the pan” program. Improved empathy and communication truly become part of an organization’s culture.

To get more information about the Cleveland Clinic’s Communicate with H.E.A.R.T.® program give Steve Levinsky a call at 617-227-1176 or fill out the form below.


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