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Patient Experience Capability Assessment

As a leader in healthcare you know that the patient experience is more than satisfaction scores and amenities. You understand that working to improve the “experience” is about leading, resourcing and achieving a more humane healthcare culture.

We believe that an organization with a healthy culture designed to create a safe and respectful climate for its people is a foundational element for a world class patient experience.

Patient Experience Summary

So the question is clearly not if we should work to improve the patient experience, but where, and how

Accordingly, we begin our work with an assessment that examines your organization from several different perspectives. This includes:

  • In-depth interviews with key stakeholders including senior leaders, physicians, board members, and others
  • Listening to patients and families – ad hoc, focus groups, attending patient/family council meetings
  • Focus groups with executives, staff and managers – including, but not limited to, members of nursing staff, medical staff, union leadership (if applicable) and support services
  • Observations of the practice environment on all shifts
  • A review of your current safety, quality and engagement data – including patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction and physician satisfaction

We deliver a report and a conversation from this assessment that sheds light on your strengths, weakness and the opportunities to improve your culture and its impact on the patient experience. Once we have helped you obtain a picture of your current culture, we help you determine how to go about creating a culture of excellence, as defined by you and your team. 

While each organization and leadership team is unique, there are known, field tested next steps and change levers to bring about significant, measurable improvement in any organization. We help you create the necessary structures and practices to improve and sustain patient and family engagement, by partnering with patients and providers to design the experience that they want and expect.

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