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Our Coaching Model

The WP Coaching Model was developed in 1999 by Tim Sullivan, an Executive Coach in Boston, and is based on over 30 years of experience coaching thousands of individuals. In addition, the theory utilizes research done by Chris Argyris, Donald Schon, Edgar Schein, Peter Senge, Steven Covey, John Kotter, and Ken Blanchard. Our themes are back to basics, avoiding fads, dealing with the hard stuff that makes the difference and focusing on what others miss. The WP Model focuses on:

  • Personal responsibility and accountability for action
  • Application of emotional intelligence
  • What is happening NOW

“We’ve all known people who run out of steam before they reach life’s halfway mark… Most of us, in fact, progressively narrow the scope and variety of our lives. We succeed in our field of specialization and then become trapped in it. Nothing surprises us. We build our own prisons and serve as our own jailers.” –John Gardner

The WP Coaching model is based in product marketing theory. As in any traditional product marketing initiatives, we are trained that first we have to truly understand the product (it’s engineering, its features, advantages and benefits). Success later on is tied directly to the thoroughness of this product analysis phase. Phase Two flows naturally out of a successful Phase One. Phase Two is about building a model that positions the product in the marketplace vis-à-vis all the other products out there. Phase Three is building a sales strategy and campaign that is closely aligned to the first two phases. The three phases are comprised of the following three questions:

  • Who are you? (Product Knowledge)
  • What do you want? (Product Positioning. i.e. The Ideal Job)
  • How will you get there? (Sales Strategy)

Read more about the process. We don’t believe you change people. You simply become your best. We offer people a way out of the traps they have fallen into and away from victim status to performance, purpose and achievement. Most importantly, it works because the individual is empowered with real tools and immediately actionable steps for improvement

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