Virtual Immersive Learning: The Preferred Training Solution

In educational psychology, research shows that for instruction to be effective, it has to be engaging and meaningful. Learners need to be provided with active roles in their learning and learning has to make sense from their point of view. With simulation, or role playing, the student has an active role where he or she is involved in cognitive or behavioral interactions with the learning event.

In the training industry for virtual immersive learning products, there are four levels of interactions or interactivity. What characterizes level 4 simulation training from levels 1-3 is the addition of a real-time, or immersive, aspect into the training setting. Level 4 simulation training replicates significant features of the real world in a fully interactive fashion.

Level 4 simulation training allows individuals to learn and practice real world activities in a safe, realistic and secure online environment. Virtual immersive learning simulations are timed so that responses are measured in terms of appropriateness within the context of the situation. Level 4 training ultimately provides time and cost savings to customers by reducing the time required to train and by increasing the effectiveness of the training.

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