The 3 simple questions that guide your career

Career planning is no different than strategic planning for an organization.

First, you must know and understand the history of your "company", aka Me, Inc. We call that the WHO AM I? phase, or the PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE phase. Without history, we cannot learn from the successes and failures of our past. We refer to this as "No Data, No Plan."

Once you have historical data and themes (otherwise known as PRODUCT POSITIONING), you can start seeing strengths and barriers that have been hidden for most of your life. You will learn what it is you want to "sell" from Me, Inc. You’ll learn what you are an expert at and what is holding you back from reaching your potential. We call this – WHAT DO I WANT?

Finally, once you’ve defined the product and positioned it in the marketplace, you can make a step by step plan to get to the place you want to be, which is the HOW DO I GET THERE? Phase.

So it’s as simple as that:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want?
  3. How do you get there?

Only four things can prevent you from doing this planning:

  • lack of purpose
  • lack of tools
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of time

Think about these barriers. Each one is a deal breaker if your goal is to take control of your life and your career. There is neither other way nor any other person to help you. Only you can help you. Once you are the owner and driver of your own change process, others can help you. But you must be the president of Me, Inc.

It’s not easy to work through these things but if having a career that you are excited about every day means something to you, maybe it’s worth the time and effort.

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