Recipe: The Perfect Career


Take a healthy dose of self-awareness, values and goal-setting; blend with action planning, strategy, reality and a dash of pie-in-the-sky dreaming. Let set for a while. Once the concepts form into a mold, use the mold to create an action plan. Analyze the plan using honesty, reality and goal-verification.


  • 4 cups Personal History
  • 2 cups of Goals
  • 1 cup of Self Awareness
  • 2 tbsp of Reality
  • 2 tbsp Dreaming
  • 1 pint of Action Planning
  • 3 tsp Honesty
  • 2 tsp Strategy


  1. Preheat your brain and heart for some honesty. Prep by lining your bowls with dreams and reality.
  2. Combine personal history, context for change and present situation into a bowl. Fold together until you start to see themes. Set aside. This is your "starter", which you will use now and in future baking/planning sessions.
  3. As your mixture sits, crack goals and pie-in-the-sky dreaming into a bowl and add self-awareness. Your coach will help you blend the two together. After a few minutes, barriers will begin to reveal themselves. Blend (discuss) barriers with your coach until only real (vs perceived) barriers exist.
  4. Ask your coach to add insight on personality type and barriers to the bowl containing goals and self-awareness.
  5. You now have two bowls – one with current state (personal history, context for change and present situation) and one with future state (goals, self-awareness, barriers and insight). Slowly add future state contents into the current state bowl. Blend.
  6. Once the two bowls are fully combined, choose a "pan" (or "PLAN") to bake your creation in.
  7. Bake overnight (or over a few weeks). When the plan comes out of the oven (and has had some time to set in your mind), you’ll begin to see the steps you’ll need to take to reach your goals.
  8. Sprinkle epiphanies, realities and new ideas to your creation as they arise.
  9. Each year, using the "starter", repeat this process and bake a new plan for yourself, using the old plan as learning experiences and history to add in step 1.

Prep Time: Your life up until now

Cook Time: The rest of your life

Ready In: Up to you

Good luck!

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