Let go of fear to move forward in your career

A career is like a long, winding river with a natural but powerful current. If we allow ourselves to let go of the shore, push off and "go with the flow", we will discover new things about the river (our career) as we round each new corner and bend. But first we have to let go.

Too Slow?

Fear is the emotional element that keeps us tied up to the dock on the bank of the river. We imagine very scary things around those corners of the river – so emotionally we want to stay put. When we stay put we’re safe – but we remain stuck in place. Our new career discoveries come out of the ebb and flow of new experiences that happen to us as we move along. New things are revealed. For most people "safe" is not the long-term solution to a highly rewarding career voyage.

Too Fast?

Sometimes we can also be too foolhardy, too rushed – in too big a hurry to power around corners in the river to reach our destination sooner. A river has tributaries and eddies. Optional courses are available. Much can be missed by rushing.

…Just Right

So pace is important. Don’t fight the current. Keep your hands on the tiller with your eyes wide open looking for new opportunity. Go with it. It’s a natural process.

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