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First time blogger.

Being as old as the hills, I admit to being a tad confused with all the social media hype. Initially, I balked at being a blogger, tweeter, facebooker because it seemed like everyone was just hawking their favorite brand – namely, themselves. Being first a Catholic and trained that any sort of vanity was a grievous sin, I declined to play.

As I have learned more, it also struck me that there are other purposes for blogging other than self-aggrandizement. What about the opportunity to reach more people to perhaps teach and to help?  With this as my goal, I am now committed – starting today I am an official, bona fide BLOGGER.

A little background on me. For thirty years, I have been a career development consultant doing individual coaching/advising with well over 5,000 business professionals. My career has focused on helping folks who are stuck: under-performing or performing wonderfully but still somehow feeling shipwrecked or just plain lost.

How to help these executives significantly improve their personal productivity has been my business life. In truth, i cannot think of a more rewarding career for myself. My career started as a Classics teacher and hockey coach. Now my classroom is in corporations and my "students" are adults. Once a teacher, always a teacher!

To aid my "students" I have created hundreds and hundreds of home-brewed models, exercises and metaphors that have helped folks gain back control of their lives. For decades now, my clients have said "Sully, you have to publish this stuff." I now plan to do just that as The Ancient Blogger.

Fasten your seatbelts! I plan to have a lot of fun doing this and will do it in my own style, my own voice.

– The Ancient Blogger

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