5 Ways You May Be Blocking Your Own Success

Have you succumbed to any of these self-defeating habits? What, or who, is standing the the way of your success?

1.) Your saboteur’s voice is louder than your own:
How loud is the voice in your head that tells you that you can’t, you’re not smart enough, don’t have the time, the talent, the resources to do what you really want to do with your life? Turn the volume down on the excuses and turn up the voice that knows you can and want to be successful.

2.) You’re too busy:
You’re moving too quickly, you’re stressed, there’s no time to slow down to figure out what needs to change. There is a barrier in the road and you "can’t" devote the time and energy necessary to move it out of the way.

3.) You have no roadmap (or definition of success):
You get in your car to program your GPS and don’t have an address. How can you possibly get there if you don’t know where you’re going? In terms of your personal success, defining our values, goals and vision of where you’re ultimately headed is the minimum you will need to get there.

4.) You’re a firm believer that if you want something done correctly, you must do it yourself:
There’s not enough time in your day to do it all yourself. What would it look like for you to delegate and give up some of the control? Teach those around you how to fish, rather than spending time out on the high seas and coming back with fish for them. Surround yourself with a talented team and then let go of their jobs.

5.) Have you become overly cautious?
That’s right, it’s about putting yourself out there and taking risks. How can you push beyond your comfort zone while daring to believe in you?

The Executive and Leadership Coaches at Wellesley Partners are well versed in helping individuals (and teams) discover their meaning of success and helping to create the road map to get there.

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