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5 Reasons to Use Virtual Immersive Learning for EHR Implementation

If your organization, like most, is now dependent upon an "Electronic Health Record" (EPIC, Allscripts, Cerner or Meditech) then you really need to be looking at changing the way you deliver training to the clinicians and schedulers who are now reliant upon the system for doing their work. Classroom training, the current standard for most training delivery, is extraordinarily expensive. Because it’s expensive, many organizations cannot devote enough staff time to training, leaving those who use the system frustrated and inefficient during patient interactions. Introducing Virtual Immersive Training for Healthcare System Training Using a virtual instructor and avatars, virtual training: 1. Measurably improves the effectiveness of training, whether complex or simple 2. Significantly reduces the time spent by your staff engaged in training (travel and training time) and allows self-paced 24/7 access 3. Significantly reduces the cost of training delivery (trainers, rooms, computers ) 4. Increases staff satisfaction by training them on their actual job versus generic transactions 5. Frees up resources to help clinicians personalize the use of their systems to increase their personal productivity While virtual training for "go live" will deliver significant benefits, having virtual, high quality training available as needed can deliver consistent and long term benefits to the bottom line of your institution as new hire and refresher training needs are met with no incremental costs. If you’d like to see a short video of the virtual capability, please click here.


01/19/2022 by JuliusZet

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