5 Must Haves for Clinical Transformation

As consultants we help our clients deal with the extraordinary change in the health care industry. While we celebrate the many wins our clients achieve, we can also become discouraged at the slow pace, or complete lack of, change that we see in many institutions. We see the toll it takes on leaders and staff. This is why we were so intrigued when we heard about a hospital that has made an extraordinary leap in their patient satisfaction scores while also improving outcomes and quality. We felt compelled to find out why – how had this institution succeeded where so many others were struggling?

In our latest whitepaper, Harrington Hospital Success Story: the Five "Must Haves" for Clinical Transformation, we identify real world levers that are available to create lasting, real world, change.

For example, the role of the CEO is "frequently carried out as a facilitator between Board Committees and the physician staff of the hospital." In the case of Harrington, Ed Moore took a different approach. He demanded the entire community: administration, clinicians, and the Board itself strive towards achieving better outcomes than historically seen. He backed up his approach with action (removing the change resistors) and he personally attended to the details using frequent meetings to assess progress and retain focus. Continue on to the whitepaper to read more on how simple it is to change, even though it isn’t easy!

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