Time to change

4 Actions to Re-energize Your Career

My most motivated clients never get lulled into thinking that their current position/job is where they need to remain. When they talk about creating a new challenge from what is possible, rather than from strict necessity, their motivation to figure out what could possibly come next becomes infectious. In my recent work with a physician, it became apparent that her passion for medicine was old and needed to be renewed. Her alternative was to look elsewhere to bring passion into her career once again. Use these steps as a spring board to achieve "what’s next".

  • What would I like to change; what needs to be different?

There is no need to settle for the status quo. Our clients find their passion in looking at: Who am I; What do I want and How do I get there? It’s a refreshing exercise and often yields a fresh perspective. Create that fresh vision and then build your goals and strategies to achieve them. If you want different results, it’s time to make a shift.

What is that dream or idea that you just can’t seem to get yourself to focus on, work toward or reach? Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge its importance and commit to doing it (assign a deadline). Maybe the dream doesn’t fit anymore and you should let it go. By making choices you will begin to separate out what is really important to you and what truly deserves your time and commitment.

  • Act on "Aha" moments in your life:

What have you learned about yourself that you should be paying more attention to? "Aha" or peak moments can be those that propel you forward or are stumbling blocks and barriers. Invest the time to reflect on these moments and learn from them. What do you want to repeat or never do again?

  • Create your own Individual Development Plan (IDP):

Creating a personal strategic plan is helpful and can get you on your way to seeing what’s next. However, if it goes into hiding in your desktop or desk drawer, it’s not useful. Schedule a time to review it regularly: once a week, once a month or at a significant time (your birthday, annual work review, anniversary, etc). Put it in your calendar like any other work or personal appointment.  As you review your IDP, be sure to include thoughts from the above 3 points. These are easy ways you can invest time in yourself – your career – and make sure you are consciously pursuing your passion. The world is constantly evolving and changing – don’t you want be changing as well?

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