3 Benefits to Virtual Immersive EPIC Training

Many hospitals are implementing or updating EPIC EMR software. When we inquire as to what clients need they tell us that they need training that is engaging, effective and efficiently delivered. Historically, go-live has meant resources working at sub-optimal levels as users ramp up their knowledge and comfort with the EPIC system. The cost, in efficiency, of this learning curve is substantial and incremental to the already extraordinary out-of-pocket costs associated with the classroom training that is the current industry standard training approach. There is an alternative. WP Virtual Learning has built and delivered a virtual, interactive training capability that replaces classroom training. Where individual instruction is required, avatars, videos and scenes with voice overs replicate the true-to-life where the learner actually works. This is far more realistic than a classroom setting. The learner responds to "live" patients, the actual screen they will be using and the correct workflow exactly as they will be doing when the software is implemented and "live". A few reasons why this approach is more effective and cost efficient: • In one example, we reduced a 4 hour classroom training session (exclusive of travel time) to 2.5 hours • The training will be available for refresher courses, new hires, job changes, etc. • The learner is fully engaged at all time, not waiting for instructors or classmates to catch up, not checking email or texting a friend. The learner must stay engaged throughout the training to move forward with the session This new-to-healthcare paradigmof training will change the way training is delivered throughout the industry. Why? Because the current classroom-based training is just not up to the task of delivering what healthcare organizations need.


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