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About Us

Founded in 1990, Wellesley Partners provides Executive Coaching in Boston and throughout the Northeast. We have worked with thousands of healthcare professionals to drive greater performance through fully integrated and tailored organizational solutions. 

We are a management consulting firm that also provides workforce training through Virtual Immersive Learning as well as traditional instructor led seminars and workshops. We are passionate about efficient, effective and people centered solutions that help leaders, and the organizations they lead, in the achievement of their mission.

WP Leadership Team 

Tim Sullvan

Tim Sullivan

The founder of Wellesley Partners, Tim has been a successful coach and business advisor to leaders for thirty years, with a focus in healthcare since 1995. Tim’s focus on quickly identifying “what is holding you back” as an individual is the hallmark of the firm’s approach.

Maryann Sullivan

Maryann Sullivan

Maryann’s practice focuses on working with the thought leaders of organizations, helping them create the framework of change that will allow their organization to achieve the future state they envision. Maryann is known for taking her client work (but not herself) seriously.

Peter Tetrault

Peter Tetrault

Peter helps organizations break down the barriers that can arise between functional silos through the optimization of individual units and processes. A keen listener, he guides organizations to problem resolution and implementation strategies with respectful advice and workable plans.

Steve Levinsky

Steve Levinsky

Steve is an expert at growing businesses from start-up to valuable asset, helping executive teams focus on the critical aspects of a new business, and in particular, leadership and team development. Steve’s passion is helping individuals, teams, and businesses succeed by meshing the right folks into a well functioning team, driving toward large goals.


Marshall (Mark) Smith, MD, PhD

Mark is a visionary and innovator who has participated in several disruptions in healthcare. His practice, working with healthcare organizations in the standardization of patient care, first began when he was one of the first gynecological surgeons to perform operative laparoscopy.

WP Consultants & Coaches

Heather Holmes-Floyd

Heather Holmes-Floyd, MSW, ACC, CPCC

Heather’s practice is focused on coaching individuals and teams. Her particular expertise is coaching individuals working within healthcare. While she works with individuals of all levels, her practice sweet spot is dealing with the particular challenges faced by medical professionals working within dysfunctional clinical settings. Heather works with her clients to help them create integrated approaches aimed at developing a healthy and productive practice and work/life balance. She also coaches individuals in Leadership Development.

Kevan Norris

Kevan Norris, LEP, CSP, LMHP

Kevan is a psychologist, holding multiple licenses and serves on the board of the New England Society for Applied Psychology. His understanding and ability to frame organizations’ training needs is rooted in his past role as a Global Training Manager for a major software company. His practice, in coaching, change management, and training program development, is focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of both organizations and their people.

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